Student Feedback

“Professor Harrison is a wonderful teacher. She really takes the time to explain the concepts in depth, and asks for your perspective. She always answered any questions I had. I found this course challenging, but very worth it and very interesting. It really allowed me to learn a lot of new concepts of existentialism and philosophy.”

“Professor Harrison is great instructor. She shows a great interest in the subject she teaches. She is always opened for questions and discussions. I like how she explains everything in such simple terms that help me a lot in understanding the subject better.”

“Great lecturer. Definitely prepared class for exams. Lectures get to the point and help have a better understanding of material reviewed in class. Please, don’t change style of teaching.”

“Rebecca was such an amazing TA. She honestly should be teaching her own class. The way she clarifies readings and ideas in a way that we could understand really showed me how much she has mastered it all.”

“I enjoyed Rebecca’s class because for starters we always had interesting topics to discuss. Her challenging questions helped us to think beyond and outside of the box. She was always very organized and she had the objectives and topics we were going to discuss written on the board before every discussion session. Her discussion class was among the most interesting courses I took this quarter. She is a very great teacher.”

“She was so helpful in class. She explained the readings and concepts so well it made them so much easier to learn and draw my own ideas from. The activities done in class were great for preparing us for the midterm, term paper, and final.”

“Rebecca is an excellent TA. She really cares about her students and knows the material really well. She shares a passion for philosophy which portrays in her teaching. She does a good job at clarifying the difficult concepts talked about during lecture.”

“She was always happy to be teaching the class and allowed students to input their opinion without getting off track. She explained large concepts in simpler terms and helped greatly with papers and midterms.”

“I really enjoyed going to discussions, as my TA was very helpful and informative. There was not a time where I would be bored during class or wanted to leave.”